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  • Bug wu transfer 2016
  • Wu transfer 2016 – new version– We store a number of account Wu transfer Western Union from all countries around the world– We transfer money to all countries / territories in world that have Western Union.– We can transfer big amount. You can receive this money in your country / territory.– Please note for new Customer we only accept to provide MTCN with limited maximum 10,000 USD/month and only 2 transaction/week.– We process a series of transfers to our exchangers who then relay the funds to you. The result is that you receive clean funds. This makes it very safe and the service is very fast.– We process the transfer and forward you your Western Union info without delay or issues.– We give you the number MTCN , Sender’s info and all cash-out info in 20 minute after transfer completed

*** Transfer Western Union / bank (Eu,Uk,Asia,Canada,Us,France,Germany,Italy,Nigeria and very easy to cashout African) :
Price :

– Price 100$ :=> 2000$ MTCN ( sender name + country sender )
– Price 200$ :=> 4000$ MTCN ( sender name + country sender )
– Price 300$ :=> 6000$ MTCN ( sender name + country sender )
– Price 400$ :=> 8000$ MTCN ( sender name + country sender )
– Price 500$ :=> 10000$ MTCN ( sender name + country sender )

1. Information you must provide us to receive Western Union Transfer
Receiver’s First Name
Receiver’s Last Name
Receiver’s City
Receiver’s Country
2. Information we provide you to receive money after we received your payment
Sender’s First Name
Sender’s Last Name
Sender’s City
Sender’s Country
Secret Question / Secret Answer



Bug wu transfer 2017 good
Bug wu transfer 2017 – new version

Western union MTCN 2017

How to buy and about deal?

– You make payment fee then send me payment info and your Western Union details. ( First Name , Last Name , Country , City)
– If we check you have sent money, we will start job and make transfer to you immediately.
– Transfers completed in 20 mins , you will get number MTCN + Sender’s details via your private emails you provide to us through our email.

Contact US

ICQ: 670329344

YAHOO MESSENGER: ginsellcvv@yahoo.com

MAIL: ginsellcvv@gmail.com

SKYPE: gin301393


  1. His service is very good. People should begin to try to work with him. He is the best person that we need now. Thanks God

  2. Hi Gin, thank you for your help, get $2000 while give you $100. This money help me so much for pay bill and shopping. I want to work with $500. Contact me when you read it.

    1. Hi Christopher, Do you have proof to show that you got $2,000?? or send the mtcn info for confirmation…Thank you

  3. I tried your cvv and it very well but I still want to withdraw more cash so I’ll switch to it. Very good service. I can choose to give you 10 points.

  4. Your website has a lot of services. I am very excited about WU transfer. I see you can work it. Please contact me soon with ICQ I sent you.

  5. Thank you very much. I received $ 2,300 from the account of my WU. I’m very excited about that. I will introduce a friend come with you more.

  6. Reach your service very good. I received $ 4,000 from the US to the UK for me. Thank you very much. Tomorrow I will visit next job

  7. Can you make transfer WU 4000$ to AU? I can receive it good and not having a problem at all. Check email bro

  8. I’m very excited about how much you do for me. The kids were hungry and it surpassed gradually laughing every day. Hopefully we can keep it long

  9. I am from Iran and I can not be you can move me $ 5,000. I thank you very much. Again thanks a lot

  10. what is your guarantee ?I got scammed two times by website which have escrow services and a lot of fake positive comments . what will you suggest ?Thanks

    1. Pls contact directly me. Tks you

      1. Hey gin I wanna do a money transfer

        1. Pls contact for me ICQ or Skype

    2. Did he do a good service ??

      1. His very good bro. You should work with his

  11. Thanks guys. I went to the bank to check the number MTCN you sent me and they say it’s true. I have received the amount you transfer to me. Thanks for your service

  12. I have contacted you. I’m very interesting with this service. Please answer me as soon as possible.

  13. I contact ICQ for me. Can you accept my ICQ? i very want buy Western Union

  14. Hello Boss. I want buy one transaction with amount 2000$. Can you make for me to my name? I will payment for you bitcoin

    1. For payment BitCoin very good. Please add my ICQ. We can talk work good

  15. i try seller he is good seller. If you want change life. Contact his.

  16. i buy fom him he legeit you know.

  17. worked with this guy before but I see good comments here.

  18. Is the seller legit? Or is it a scam?

  19. tks so much. you very seller good

  20. Tks you make for me WU 5100$. Tks so much

  21. Is this seller is legit???

  22. Gmail bro

    1. Accept my request on Skype: Sharon Stone.. I got Bitcoin I’m trying to get some stuff and need more details on WU.. Contact me ASAP bro!

      1. Trying to add you.. have some questions. What’s your Skype email?

  23. I,m so excited for you service . Let me know when u have the info ready for westren union i already sent bitcoin to u .

    1. Tell me the wu transfer was good you recieve the money?

    2. Hi Amouri, Did you get your wu info?? pls reply

      1. contact for me directly bro

  24. Hi can you email me with details on a wu transfer please.. I would like to get this..thanks

  25. Did anyone used this service recently.. Im interested

  26. hi bro
    im owner of 5 wesrternunion agengy in west africa. im realy interest to do buisness with. I can withdraw money by western union in my country where no strong security here. i will send u money and keep mine.Tell me more

    1. Contact for me direcly ICQ or Skype br

  27. I’m interested…what next??

  28. Seller what’s your guarantee?I am not rich and I don’t want to be scam,I have my last 100$,I want to deal with you

    1. Pls contact directly for me . with 100$ you can make more serive

    2. How did it go ?

  29. how can i buy?

    1. Contact direcly to my email – skype – icq

  30. All this positive comments seem real just like fastteam.eu ripped me of my little life saving and I had to starve for days even sell my stuff for it but at the end I got scammed. Now they ve been losing customers bcos of negative comment.

    If this real legit then, you will ve more customers. I want to start with 100$ for 2000$….please contact me. Thank you.

  31. mohammed ali from Ghana i am really broked nothing better for this xmas and i want you to help me out with $100 for $2000 i bet you more transaction will follow up after this one is made successful

    1. Contact directly for me bro

  32. i have made a contact on gmail

    1. hello mohammed did you receive the wu information yet from him i want to know if it’s legit before i rush in to it

  33. Tks so much for serivec WU Transfer. I pick up 4500$ from you for 200$ i pay via bitcoin

  34. I m so proud of your transaction, with all this good comment as proof to me you are legit. We run alot of transaction soon OK.

  35. I seriously need wu

  36. I need a 100 usd for 2000 usd please send me reciver name so I can send the payment throught westerunion

  37. is he legit?

  38. this is guy legit

  39. Pls i need 100usd for 2000usd pls how will I go about it

    1. pls contact for me ICQ or Skype bro

  40. Hello I need Wu of $50 to $1000, how can I help me with it

  41. new to this how do i know that its real?

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